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Jonni Gin & Tonic 30L Keg

We make a perfectly blended drink for the everday Gin enthusiast! We have produced a high quality Gin made by one of Cape Town’s finest up and coming Distillers. The Gin is created using a Cider Base and is triple distilled and infused with bautiful botanicals to allow for a smooth taste. The tonic is made from scratch, using whole lemon peels, lime, lemon grass and grapefruit.

Alcohol: 5.5 Vol%
Keg Volume: 30 Litres
Equivalent 500ml Draughts: 90 *served with ice 
Equivalent 340ml Draughts: 120 * Served with ice (R13,75 per head) 
Keg Price : R1 550.00


Proudly South African